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Researchers now know more about the 10 beached whales in Kihei

Researchers now know more about the 10 Pygmy Killer Whales that were stranded in Kihei on Maui last month. A team of doctors from the University of Hawaii performed a necropsy on August 29, that’s like an autopsy for animals. 

“We determined other animals that we necropsy are an immature female, an immature male, a lactating female and a pregnant female,” Kristi West, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, University of Hawaii, said.  

Four of the 10 were euthanized and had lung abnormalities. Another calf that died outside of that group suffered pneumonia. 

“It’s really important to understand that it’s something that we take very seriously. It’s with a heavy heart we have to do this,” Gregg Levine, NOAA Contract Veterinarian, said. 

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