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A-Ron’s “Simply The Best!”: The Best Films Of 2018

Another year has come and gone, and it’s been another year of great films. I’ve seen all the films I could have so here is my list of Best Films Of 2018. Below is my top 10, scroll down and you will find my runner ups (11-20) which is listed at the bottom.

•I will update the post with any late 2018 films I see that might make the list•


A masterpiece in every sense of the word. A brilliant writer/director debut from actor Bradley Cooper. The best directorial debut since Ben Affleck’s “Gone Baby Gone”. Cooper had spent nearly a year learning to play guitar and training his voice to sing. In a lead actress debut Lady Gaga is electrifying. She has a big career ahead of her as an actress.  


Ethan Hawke gives his best performance of his career in writer and director Paul Schrader’s (“Taxi Driver”, “Raging Bull”) transcending film. A masterful film. 


Writer and director Lynne Ramsay’s Film is hauntingly brutal but manages to be so beautiful. A beautiful direction and a great quiet performance by Joaquin Phoenix.


Spanish writer and director Alfonso Cuaron gives us his best film in a visual thank you to his childhood nanny. Every shot is a work of art. Very smart move on Netflix’s part for picking this up and distributing it under their label. 


The best YA (Young Adult) adaptation ever put on screen. Meant for the young teen crowd, but presented as a compelling adult drama. The best interpretation of black lives matter since “Fruitvale Station”. Giving a breakout performance is Amandla Stenberg who is phenomenal as the lead star. 


A brutally honest, funny and realistic account of a couple in the throes of infertility, as they descend into the world of assisted reproduction and domestic adoption. Another smart move by Netflix for picking up this film and being the distributor. 


A sequel 54 years in the making. Director Rob Marshall returns to the genre that made him famous with the Academy Award Winner “Chicago”. He creates pure Disney magic and finds the best actress of this generation Emily Blunt (“A Quiet Place”, “Sicario”) to fill the shoes of the legendary Julie Andrews. 


When your 6 films into a franchise, the films shouldn’t be this good. For Tom Cruise and his beloved “Mission Impossible” franchise it is. The films keep getting better and better. As the films get better so does the stunts that star Tom Cruise insists on doing all on his own. Adding Superman actor Henry Cavill to the mix brought even more intensity to the action sequences. Fallout is one of the smartest and the year’s best action films. 


The third Netflix film on my list is Maggie Gyllenhaal‘s career best performance. A remake of the 2014 Israeli film, director Sara Colangelo took home best director at Sundance. She tells the story with restraint that only furthers the intrigue of the story. “The Kindergarten Teacher” plays to a climax that feels like a thriller. It’s superb work and an impressive performance by Maggie Gyllenhaal. 


A rare occasion when a sequel outdoes the original. That’s the case with “Paddington 2”. Comically genius and a perfect amount of heartfelt “Paddington 2” is one of the funniest films this year. Everyone is great, especially Hugh Grant who lets loose and seems to be having the time of his life. Don’t be turned off thinking it’s a kids film. You’ll laugh and have a great time. 

Runner Ups:

  1. Life Itself
  2. Operation Finale
  3. Whitney
  4. Widows
  5. Game Night
  6. Instant Family
  7. Kin
  8. Mile 22
  9. Searching
  10. Beirut 



About Aron Medeiros

Aron Medeiros
Aron Medeiros lives on the beautiful island of Maui. He is a member of The Hawaii Film Critics Society, movie critic for Maui Watch, a commentator and cast member of the NerdWatch pod cast. He is a 2003 graduate from King Kekaulike High School. His favorite film of all time is “Back To The Future”. He has worked at Consolidated Kaahumanu Theaters for nearly 13 years as a Sales Associate and making his way up to Assistant Manager. He has loved movies since he was a young boy, learning about movies from his Grandfather and being self taught.

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