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See the importance of expanding and protecting what little is left of our unadulterated environments – before it’s too late!

Ninety five percent of Maui’s native forests have been destroyed. Photos from a recent visit to Sequoia National Park and the Park’s Crystal Cave illustrate the expressions and humanity inherent in the natural environment that have been lost.

Converted into a music video, the photos illustrate the importance of environmental preservation and restoration.

Consumption is not a principle to live by!

Humans cannot survive long if we continue to gut and poison our God-given Natural Web of Life, replacing it with a stewardship based on a capitalistic charade which annihilates every species except those that we eat or use.

The damage that has been done to our natural ecosystems is a lifestyle policy blunder. Callously disregarding the sanctity of every entity except those with perceived commercial value is extremely short-sighted and can only yield harm and destruction. The evidence is all around us: unstable weather, noxious pollution, rising global temperatures, and an impaired, petroleum based agricultural system, to name a few.

Consciousness is not limited to humankind

We are often too loud, arrogant and selfish to notice that humans are not the only conscious beings living here on Earth.

All of God’s creation, the subterraneans, the stone people, the standing people, the creepy crawlers, the finned ones, the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds, the winged ones and those of the great star nation, have equal rights to live and thrive. Everything is conscious, each at its own level and rate of experience. We are all united in a general consciousness that is so all-pervasive, it has been taken for granted and forgotten. Excessive harm to one species effects and harms all species and destroys the proper functioning of ecosystems on which we ultimately depend upon to survive.

Our thanks

Thanks to the employees of the National Park Service and all those who care for the land and realize the urgent need to protect and expand what little is left of our unadulterated environments.

Now is the time to support non-humans, before they stop supporting us!

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